Cymru am byth !

Fabi has had her summer haircut !pic

Fabi has had her summer haircut !

Hovis's friend Fabi had her summer clip yesterday - the top photo taken 2 days ago .
annier 4 mins ago
Double Chocolate Tortepic

Double Chocolate Torte

I went out for lunch with my friend Jane today - we shared a portion of Chocolate Torte for dessert  and it was so good!
annier Apr 23, 2014
Churchyard daisiespic

Churchyard daisies

St Lawence's churchyard is covered with wild flowers at the moment - daisies in this shot and primroses and bluebells in other area. It all…
annier Apr 22, 2014
Beautiful Easter weather !pic

Beautiful Easter weather !

This was on the cliffs above Newgale on Good Friday and apart from a bit of rain yesterday , the weather has been more or…
annier Apr 21, 2014


My friend's mare had a foal 3 days ago - they have called her Midnight Scrumpy and here she is out with mum enjoying the…
annier Apr 19, 2014
Still standing!pic

Still standing!

I'm quite surprised the doggy peeing post is still upright - who ever put it there did a good job! Its just on the high water…
annier Apr 17, 2014


This is Jack - one of my friend Pat's horses. I was just driving off from her place yesterday and I saw him standing at…
annier Apr 16, 2014
Hovis in the bluebellspic

Hovis in the bluebells

We went for a walk in Brandybrook woods this morning on a lovely sunny day. When I was there last week no bluebells were in…
annier Apr 15, 2014
My stickpic

My stick

Hovis found a BIG stick! Someone had take the trouble to stand this large heavy piece of driftwood up on the beach - and all the…
annier Apr 14, 2014
Bee on daffodilpic

Bee on daffodil

The daffodils are dying off now but this bee found one to feed on . I have seen a lot of bees about - thats…
annier Apr 13, 2014
Tacked up and ready to gopic

Tacked up and ready to go

Ski is all ready for me to get on her and go for a ride this morning. The yellow plastic tub that is upside down next…
annier Apr 10, 2014
Hovis on Cathedral stepspic

Hovis on Cathedral steps

We had a walk around St David's Cathedral grounds when I was visiting my daughters last friday.
annier Apr 09, 2014


Beautiful Camellias in my friend Pat's garden this morning .
annier Apr 08, 2014
After the rainpic

After the rain

The sun finally came out about 4pm after a day of rain.
annier Apr 07, 2014
Big Brother is watching me!pic

Big Brother is watching me!

This robot camera was buzzing around overhead when I was on Newgale beach on Friday - however it was nothing sinister but a local photography…
annier Apr 06, 2014


This crow posed for me on the wall of St David's Cathedral today.
annier Apr 04, 2014


I don't know if the word "elevenses" is used anywhere else apart from the UK - it means a midmorning cup of tea /coffee and…
annier Apr 03, 2014


Closeup of blossom on tree I posted yesterday. What a difference in weather today - it's been raining most of the day !
annier Apr 02, 2014
It's a lovely day !pic

It's a lovely day !

Blossom and daffodils on Wolfscastle village green this morning.
annier Apr 01, 2014
Having a good scratchpic

Having a good scratch

This pony was scratching herself against the Neighbourhood Watch sign - which asks people to report any vandalism - and she's broken it!
annier Mar 31, 2014
Friday evening sunsetpic

Friday evening sunset

Sunset in our lane on Friday evening . It will be an hour later tonight as clocks went forward one hour in the UK last…
annier Mar 30, 2014
Its a hard lifepic
Doggy wrestlingpic

Doggy wrestling

It was cold and grey on the beach this morning but Hovis and Tilly played nx !
annier Mar 28, 2014
Hang gliderpic

Hang glider

Soaring above me at the beach a few days ago - he must have had a fantastic view up there !
annier Mar 27, 2014
Blue titpic

Blue tit

Outside my house yesterday - I love these pretty little birds ! Buzznet still not working right - and I have lost my background and it…
annier Mar 26, 2014

A sunny weekend

We have had a few sunny days- Friday Saturday and Sunday - unfortunately today its back to wind and rain again ! If the sun is…
annier Mar 24, 2014


Yesterday evening about 6.30 pm in our lane.
annier Mar 23, 2014
The village crossroadspic
Most dogs bring a ball or a stick for you to throw for them !pic

Most dogs bring a ball or a stick for you to throw for them !

But Bernie brought me a turnip! Bernie belongs to Sarah who I am riding with in previous photo. When I arrived on the yard he came…
annier Mar 20, 2014
Out for a ridepic

Out for a ride

I went riding this morning with my friend Sarah. It was quite cold and grey - but stayed dry and we had a lovely ride…
annier Mar 19, 2014


On the tree outside my house on a beautiful sunny Tuesday morning !
annier Mar 18, 2014


And a bug!
annier Mar 17, 2014
Ewes and lambspic

Ewes and lambs

Enjoying the spring sunshine yesterday
annier Mar 16, 2014
Toad in the Hole !pic

Toad in the Hole !

I made this for supper last night  - for my non UK friends - Toad in the Hole is Pork sausages cooked in Yorkshire pudding…
annier Mar 14, 2014
March Moonpic

March Moon

I took this yesterday about 6.30 pm just outside my house, using the "twilight, no tripod" setting on my camera and I'm pleased with how…
annier Mar 12, 2014

Spring has sprung!

The last couple of days have been beautiful ! After a very wet and windy January and February things are finally improving and everywhere there…
annier Mar 11, 2014
Sad gravestonepic

Sad gravestone

I went to the local village church this afternoon and took some photos . I haven't noticed this gravestone before - its very sad -…
annier Mar 10, 2014
The herons are back !pic

The herons are back !

There were two of them perched near last year's nest in the woods today - hopefully a pair who will breed there again .
annier Mar 09, 2014
Flowers in our lanepic

Flowers in our lane

I just walked up the lane with Hovis and took some flower pics - it really feels like spring today!
annier Mar 07, 2014
My rockpic

My rock

This seagull was surveying his territory on Newgale beach.
annier Mar 05, 2014
Jenny relaxingpic

Jenny relaxing

Friends' dog Jenny likes to just sit in the sea - brrrrr! Even though it was a sunny day last week it was definitely NOT…
annier Mar 03, 2014


Last Friday about 5.45 pm in our lane .
annier Mar 02, 2014
No - Hovis hasn't taken up smoking!pic

No - Hovis hasn't taken up smoking!

Sitting on his window chair in the sun today with a rawhide chewy !
annier Feb 26, 2014
Passing the castlepic

Passing the castle

Passing Roch Castle on the way to the beach this morning on a lovely cold sunny breezy day .   Some info on the castle-  The castle…
annier Feb 25, 2014
Handsome Hovis !pic

Handsome Hovis !

I really like this photo I took of him in the woods a few days ago - and I have printed it out and framed…
annier Feb 24, 2014


I picked the first open daffodils in our lane - soon there will be hundreds of them  - just in time for St David's Day…
annier Feb 23, 2014


He was looking through his binoculars and had a serious looking lens on his camera.
annier Feb 21, 2014
Kill that stone!pic

Kill that stone!

Its pouring with rain again today so I haven't taken any photos  but I was looking through old ones on my laptop and found this…
annier Feb 19, 2014
Enjoying the sunshinepic

Enjoying the sunshine

All the crocuses were open and facing the sun when I walked up our lane - I didn't have my camera with me so this…
annier Feb 18, 2014
I'm the king of the castle!pic

I'm the king of the castle!

Hovis on top of Treffgarne Rocks in a beautiful sunny Sunday yesterday. Today it has rained all day again !
annier Feb 17, 2014
Signs of springpic

Signs of spring

I saw the snowdrops yesterday by the side of the road and stopped to take a photo - and the crocus are in our lane  …
annier Feb 16, 2014
On no - Still rainingpic

On no - Still raining

We seem to be in a never ending pattern - one day some sun and showers and quite windy - next day torrential rain,hail and…
annier Feb 14, 2014
Storm casualtiespic

Storm casualties

Thousands of dead clams, razor clams, hermit crabs and scallops dead on the beach after recent storms . I have never seen anywhere near this number…
annier Feb 13, 2014
Gulls in flightpic

Gulls in flight

It amazes me how birds manage to fly effortlessly in a severe gale when I can hardly stand! Not just gulls but tiny little birds…
annier Feb 11, 2014
Photographing the photographerpic

Photographing the photographer

I went down to the beach yesterday morning hoping to be able to walk on there with Hovis  but the 70 mph gales were blowing…
annier Feb 09, 2014
Happy Hovispic

Happy Hovis

On the beach this morning - the sun is out today and the winds have dropped . Tomorrow we have 70 mph gales and rain forecast…
annier Feb 07, 2014
Starry starry nightpic

Starry starry night

Just took this standing outside my front door at 10pm , looking across the yard at the main farmhouse, The rain has stopped - temporarily…
annier Feb 05, 2014


Female posing for me just outside my house.  I am filling my small bird feeder several times a day at the moment !
annier Feb 04, 2014
Back in the summerpic

Back in the summer

We went for a walk around the Bishop's Palace in St Davids - they had these models set up just inside the gateway showing Pilgrims…
annier Feb 03, 2014
Spring is on the waypic

Spring is on the way

First daffodils are blooming in the village flowerbed. Ours in the lane are budding but not quite out yet.
annier Feb 02, 2014
Fish piepic

Fish pie

I made a fish pie for supper the other night using fresh salmon, carrots, brocolli and onions in a creamy sauce , topped with mashed…
annier Jan 31, 2014
Wet wet wetpic

Wet wet wet

On the beach yesterday . I think Hovis was glad of his new coat !
annier Jan 29, 2014
Fierce kittypic

Fierce kitty

I was trying to take fluffy kitty's photo and I had Hovis with me - so kitty was puffing up trying to look fierce !
annier Jan 28, 2014
Splash !pic

Splash !

Rider on the beach yesterday.
annier Jan 23, 2014
January sunsetpic

January sunset

This is about my 10th attempt to post this photo ! Taken at home a couple of weeks ago.
annier Jan 22, 2014
On the cliffs this morningpic

On the cliffs this morning

Woke up to a clear frosty morning and had a lovely walk on the cliffs . When we got home I went mad and washed…
annier Jan 20, 2014
Hovis has a new coatpic

Please Buzznet sort out the problems!

Well I haven't been able to post photos AGAIN since Friday - either as a single photo or in a blog - this  keeps happening…
annier Jan 13, 2014


Fluffy , one of the the farm kittens was enjoying the sunshine today .
annier Jan 11, 2014
Robin todaypic

Robin today

The sun has come out today and this robin posed for me just outside my house - I noticed there are buds appearing on the…
annier Jan 09, 2014

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !

I am fed up with Buzznet not working for me most of the time ! Again today I cannot post a photo and I can't …
annier Jan 07, 2014
Zombie sheeppic

Zombie sheep

The flash went off on my camera and made these sheep look very spooky!
annier Jan 05, 2014

Christmas and New Year

As I have so many problems posting  single photos on Buzznet recently, I thought I would try a blog and use some of the many…
annier Jan 02, 2014
It's coming to get me!pic

It's coming to get me!

Hovis is sitting on the back of my sofa yesterday evening - one of his favourite places  - and I am holding his squeaky toy…
annier Jan 01, 2014

I've been missing for a few days ........

Sorry I have not been commenting for a few days - got rushed into hospital on Saturday night as an emergency  - I was in…
annier Dec 31, 2013
Friendly houndspic

Friendly hounds

Beautiful friendly hounds at the Traditional Boxing Day Meet yesterday. The sun shone too ! Today we are back to 80 mph gales torrential rain and…
annier Dec 27, 2013
Christmas eve afternoon above Newgalepic

Christmas eve afternoon above Newgale

Very very windy but the sun did come out for a while !  I haven't been able to post photos for days but thought I'd have…
annier Dec 24, 2013
The Pembrokeshire Mud Run!vid

The Pembrokeshire Mud Run!

Last weekend in the wind and rain a whole bunch of mad people including my daughter Ali took part in the Mud Run ! You can…
annier Dec 18, 2013
The sun came out today !pic

The sun came out today !

Frost on the car this morning a lovely sunny day - first one for a week - unfortunately its just for one day - back…
annier Dec 17, 2013


Male and female Stonechats taken a few weeks ago . It has been wet grey and windy here for the last week and I haven't taken…
annier Dec 16, 2013
Hovis and Squirrellypic

Hovis and Squirrelly

Squirrelly was a present for Hovis from JJ last summer - he often takes it with him under his blanket and cuddles up with it…
annier Dec 13, 2013


My friend's elderly Shetland pony Quiz. He has grown a thick shaggy coat to keep him warm over winter .
annier Dec 12, 2013
Friends having funpic

Friends having fun

Hovis playing with Tilly the Border Terrier and Hebe the Greyhound at Newgale on a cold grey windy morning today. Its a bit blurred as they…
annier Dec 11, 2013

Fun on the beach

I have been unable to post single photos for the last 2 days  so thought I would try a blog instead. I went to town to…
annier Dec 10, 2013

Pembrokeshire weekend

I've taken a lot of photos this weekend so a blog seems the best way to post a few of them! Yesterday the Pembrokeshire Hunt had…
annier Dec 08, 2013
Hovis enjoys the viewpic

Hovis enjoys the view

Out walking on Treffgarne Rocks last week.
annier Dec 06, 2013
It's a wild and windy daypic

It's a wild and windy day

On the cliffs this morning overlooking Druidstone - the winds have been gusting around 60 mph here today - but they have reached 100mph in…
annier Dec 05, 2013
Blue Titpic

Blue Tit

Waiting it's turn for the feeder this morning.
annier Dec 04, 2013
Banana and cranberry cupcakespic

Banana and cranberry cupcakes

Another cloudy cold miserable day here so I cheered myself up by making some banana and cranberry cakes.
annier Dec 03, 2013
Main Street Solvapic

Main Street Solva

I often post photos of the harbour and cliffs at the small Pembrokeshire village of Solva - so I thought I'd post a shot of…
annier Dec 02, 2013
Going kite surfingpic

Going kite surfing

This guy was pumping up his kite with a foot pump before going kite surfing last Friday.  It was a lovely sunny day but we…
annier Dec 01, 2013
Fun on the beachpic

Fun on the beach

Hovis and Tilly the Border Terrier having fun this morning.
annier Nov 29, 2013


He posed for me when I was walking on the cliffs the other day.
annier Nov 27, 2013
Rock climbingpic

Rock climbing

Hovis having fun on the beach at Abermawr last weekend !
annier Nov 26, 2013
These are the days of our livesvid

These are the days of our lives

22 years ago today the fabulous Freddie Mercury died of Aids. The video above is the last he made and he is already looking very frail…
annier Nov 24, 2013
The Tardis has landed!pic

The Tardis has landed!

In St David's in Pembrokeshire - and here is a new Timelord -- oh no it's not - it's my eldest grandson Sam !  Sam's…
annier Nov 22, 2013
Throwback Thursday - 1968 a new sister for Gailpic

Throwback Thursday - 1968 a new sister for Gail

August 1968 . My elder daughter Gail aged 3 with her new baby sister Alison aged about 6 weeks
annier Nov 21, 2013
Contrails before sunrisepic

Contrails before sunrise

I took this a week or so ago about 7am one morning. I haven't altered the colours at all - this is what it looked…
annier Nov 20, 2013
Can you see Hovis?pic

Can you see Hovis?

We had the beach to ourselves this morning again - and managed to avoid the heavy showers that have been falling on and off all…
annier Nov 19, 2013
Moon risingpic

Moon rising

About 6 pm yesterday.
annier Nov 18, 2013
Sunday morning fishermanpic

Sunday morning fisherman

On Newgale this morning. He was right at the far end of the beach so had carried all his gear for over a mile…
annier Nov 17, 2013


Hovis and a Staffie called Blue on the beach yesterday, This photo made me think of that old dance - the Hokey Cokey as we call…
annier Nov 15, 2013
Throwback Thursday 1980pic

Throwback Thursday 1980

Me - on the right - and my very good friend Jane , working behind the bar in the Cambrian Inn , Solva.  I had…
annier Nov 14, 2013
Happy Hovispic

Happy Hovis

Having fun with a stick on our walk this afternoon !
annier Nov 13, 2013


Just took this - 4.45 pm Nov 12th. Not quite dark yet. We have had a sunny dry day today and it feels like there…
annier Nov 12, 2013
Just before sunrisepic

Just before sunrise

Yesterday morning at home about 7am. This morning it was foggy and wet - and has stayed the same all day!
annier Nov 11, 2013
Sunday morning socializingpic

Sunday morning socializing

A lovely sunny Sunday morning on the beach and Hovis meets a new friend.
annier Nov 10, 2013
November moonpic

November moon

Looking across the yard at my neighbours house about 6pm last night .
annier Nov 08, 2013


I took this today through my (not very clean) living room window so it's a bit blurry ! Robin was sitting on a branch waiting…
annier Nov 07, 2013
Do I have to go in the water?pic

Do I have to go in the water?

So its not just Hovis who doesn't like getting wet ! This little terrier really didn't want to jump in the pool to retrieve his…
annier Nov 06, 2013

Beach encounter

Hovis and I were walking on the beach early on Saturday morning  when we came across a baby seal up on the rocks . I think…
annier Oct 28, 2013

Pembrokeshire County Show 2013

Last week was the annual 3 day Pembrokeshire County Show  and I was there every day - and Hovis came on two of the days…
annier Aug 18, 2013
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