Cymru am byth !

Pembrokeshire County Show 2014

The 3 day County show was held at Haverfordwest recently and I was there everyday !  Over 90,000 people attended over the 3 days. The first…
annier Sep 01, 2014

Filming Under Milkwood

Recently a flm crew have been in the Pembrokeshire village of Solva, filming a new version of Dylan Thomas's Under Milkwood.  I spent a day…
annier Aug 06, 2014

Sunny May morning walk

Hovis and I had a lovely long walk on the cliffs this morning and I took a lot of photos so thought a a blog…
annier May 16, 2014

A sunny weekend

We have had a few sunny days- Friday Saturday and Sunday - unfortunately today its back to wind and rain again ! If the sun is…
annier Mar 24, 2014

Spring has sprung!

The last couple of days have been beautiful ! After a very wet and windy January and February things are finally improving and everywhere there…
annier Mar 11, 2014

Please Buzznet sort out the problems!

Well I haven't been able to post photos AGAIN since Friday - either as a single photo or in a blog - this  keeps happening…
annier Jan 13, 2014

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !

I am fed up with Buzznet not working for me most of the time ! Again today I cannot post a photo and I can't …
annier Jan 07, 2014

Christmas and New Year

As I have so many problems posting  single photos on Buzznet recently, I thought I would try a blog and use some of the many…
annier Jan 02, 2014

I've been missing for a few days ........

Sorry I have not been commenting for a few days - got rushed into hospital on Saturday night as an emergency  - I was in…
annier Dec 31, 2013
The Pembrokeshire Mud Run!vid

The Pembrokeshire Mud Run!

Last weekend in the wind and rain a whole bunch of mad people including my daughter Ali took part in the Mud Run ! You can…
annier Dec 18, 2013

Fun on the beach

I have been unable to post single photos for the last 2 days  so thought I would try a blog instead. I went to town to…
annier Dec 10, 2013

Pembrokeshire weekend

I've taken a lot of photos this weekend so a blog seems the best way to post a few of them! Yesterday the Pembrokeshire Hunt had…
annier Dec 08, 2013
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I live in Pembrokeshire, Wales, Uk. have 2 married daughters and 3 grand children.


Indian Head Massage, computers, food, horses, photography, walking

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Bob Dylan, ELO, Old stuff ! Beatles, Rolling Stones.Eagles, Stereophonics.