Cymru am byth !



We got soaked walking on the beach this morning - but this afternoon the sun came out when we went for a walk by Plumstone…
annier 3 hrs ago
Leaving the cavepic

Leaving the cave

View from the exit to a cave that you can walk through when the tide is low on Newgale beach.  This was Monday morning when…
annier Jan 21, 2015
Trying out a new recipepic

Trying out a new recipe

Honey and Almond cake .
annier Jan 12, 2015
The Blue Lagoonpic

The Blue Lagoon

Earlier this week at the Blue Lagoon .
annier Jan 09, 2015
A wild and windy morning walkpic

A wild and windy morning walk

At Abereiddy today - but at least the sun was out !
annier Jan 06, 2015
Ponies at sunsetpic

Ponies at sunset

Pony silhouettes on the skyline at sunset.  Christmas Eve 2014.
annier Jan 04, 2015


Newgale looking very blue 9am Jan 2nd. Tiny Hovis having fun !
annier Jan 02, 2015
Moon about 4 pm on Dec 28thpic

Moon about 4 pm on Dec 28th

Lovely clear daytime moon! 
annier Dec 30, 2014
Blue tit waitingpic

Blue tit waiting

This pic taken Christmas Eve - he is watching a couple of starlings and waiting for them to go so he can get on the…
annier Dec 28, 2014
Happy Christmas !pic

Happy Christmas !

We don't have snow this year so I am using this picture I took in December 2011 of  St David's Cathedral in the snow, to…
annier Dec 23, 2014


Walking in the woods today .
annier Dec 19, 2014
After the mud run !pic

After the mud run !

My daughter Ali on the left , granddaughter Lottie on the right and a friend in the middle having a hot muddy bath after completing…
annier Dec 17, 2014
Hovis at the Blue Lagoonpic

Hovis at the Blue Lagoon

On our walk yesterday morning - it was a beautiful day ! Today it has been raining all day and blowing a gale - so no…
annier Dec 14, 2014
Herring Gullpic

Herring Gull

This juvenile Herring gull was feeding on a dead seal on the beach and flew off as I got near - so I took his…
annier Dec 11, 2014
Brrrr !pic

Brrrr !

Although it was sunny this morning, there was a bitterly  cold strong wind up at Plumstone Rocks. These ponies were using the rocks as a…
annier Dec 10, 2014


Every Christmas I make fudge to give as little gifts for family and friends - today I made the first batch of several batches I…
annier Dec 08, 2014
Sunset skypic

Sunset sky

Driving home about 4pm today.
annier Dec 05, 2014
Daytime moonpic

Daytime moon

Just after 4pm yesterday - we had the moon high in the sky on one side of the house and the sun setting on the…
annier Dec 04, 2014
Neighbourhood Watchpic

Neighbourhood Watch

This robin was obviously taking his neighbourhood watch duties seriously !
annier Dec 02, 2014
Dawn todaypic

Dawn today

Just before sunrise this morning - mist lying in the fields and a pretty pink horizon.
annier Dec 01, 2014


On top of Treffgarne Rocks yesterday morning - it's been a lovely sunny weekend !
annier Nov 30, 2014
Buzzard hawkpic

Buzzard hawk

He was sitting on a hedge at the side of the road - luckily a very quiet road - so I stopped car, opened window…
annier Nov 28, 2014
November afternoon sunpic

November afternoon sun

At Newgale today about 2.30 pm .
annier Nov 26, 2014
Sunrise skypic

Sunrise sky

We had an amazing sky yesterday morning about 7.30 am  - I took several photos of it while walking Hovis down our lane. I haven't…
annier Nov 25, 2014
23 years ago todayvid

23 years ago today ................

.................  the one and only, fabulous Freddie Mercury died aged 45.
annier Nov 24, 2014


The starlings are back after their summer holidays - I love to watch them in the evenings when huge flocks of them swoop and fly…
annier Nov 23, 2014
I'm being watched !pic

I'm being watched !

I was sitting at my computer yesterday afternoon and I felt someone's eyes boring into my back  - Hovis lying on the arm of the…
annier Nov 20, 2014
Another November sunsetpic

Another November sunset

We had a pretty sunset sky again yesterday afternoon - I take a lot of sunset shots at this time of the year because the…
annier Nov 19, 2014
Perfectly blue skypic

Perfectly blue sky

Psssing Roch Castle on the way to the beach this morning - it has been a beautiful day !
annier Nov 18, 2014
Sunset skypic

Sunset sky

A quiet sunset at home yesterday afternoon about 4.30 pm .
annier Nov 16, 2014
Sunny morning ridepic

Sunny morning ride

I went riding this morning with friend Sarah - and it stayed dry and sunny for us ! In the top picture we are just…
annier Nov 14, 2014
Kite surfing todaypic

Kite surfing today

The sun came out today and a kite surfer was having a great time in the strong winds at Newgale. We managed to have 2 good…
annier Nov 12, 2014
Bread and butter puddingpic

Bread and butter pudding

I don't have a dessert most days apart from maybe a small scoop of homemade ice cream - but every so often I get a…
annier Nov 11, 2014


On the beach yesterday - it actually stayed dry long enough for us to have a good walk  - today we got wet !
annier Nov 10, 2014
So much rain !pic

So much rain !

The river Cleddau has spread into the fields after days of rain - top photo taken out of my car window as I crossed the…
annier Nov 09, 2014
Pork for dinnerpic

Pork for dinner

Slow roasted belly pork  - yum !
annier Nov 07, 2014
Go Hovis !pic

Go Hovis !

On the beach yesterday . We were lucky and we picked the only dry hour of the whole day to go for a walk  !
annier Nov 05, 2014
Visiting friendspic

Visiting friends

Hovis and his friend Ferrie today at Ferrie's house . They were lying on the bed together but  Ferrie got up when I got my…
annier Nov 03, 2014
Kitty watchingpic

Kitty watching

Hovis was watching cats and kittens lying in the sun by the hedge bank outside my window - and occasionally barking if one dared come…
annier Nov 02, 2014
A walk in the woodspic

A walk in the woods

We got some sunshine this morning and Hovis and I went for 2 walks, first on the beach - and then in the woods…
annier Oct 31, 2014
Rainy day bakingpic

Rainy day baking

It has been a  miserable wet day today - so I have been doing some baking  - I made a couple of fruitcakes - one…
annier Oct 30, 2014
Large jellyfishpic

Large jellyfish

There are often jelly fish washed up on to the beach but they are not usually this big - that's the toe of my boot…
annier Oct 28, 2014
Making soda breadpic

Making soda bread

I made a quick soda bread loaf the other day - top pic when it was proving and bottom one when it came out of…
annier Oct 27, 2014
Hovis posing by the seapic

Hovis posing by the sea

On the beach on Friday - I was just taking a photo of the rocks and sea but he came along and joined in !
annier Oct 26, 2014
Chasing gullspic

Chasing gulls

One of Hovis's favourite occupations on the beach ! 
annier Oct 23, 2014
Stormy seas Panoramapic

Stormy seas Panorama

The remnants of Hurricane Gonzalo arrived here yesterday but it was just a gale when it reached us. The sea was looking quite wild though…
annier Oct 22, 2014
Mini lemon drizzle cakespic

Mini lemon drizzle cakes

Today I made a Lemon Drizzle birthday cake for a friend who can't eat chocolate or cream cakes because of medical restrictions - there was…
annier Oct 19, 2014
Lower town Harbourpic

Lower town Harbour

I went for a walk with Hovis at Fishguard the other day . We walked from the main harbour where the ferries sail from to…
annier Oct 16, 2014
You called?pic

You called?

Hovis has pretty good hearing with those big ears and usually comes back at once when I call or whistle when he is loose on…
annier Oct 15, 2014
Singing in the rainpic

Singing in the rain

I was sitting in my car the other day waiting for a heavy shower to pass and this little robin was on a gatepost a…
annier Oct 14, 2014
Horse hairpic

Horse hair

One of the ponies on Plumstone moor must have been scratching on the fence and has left some mane or tail hairs behind . They…
annier Oct 12, 2014


Wild and windy Newgale today   Please view Full Size !
annier Oct 09, 2014
A beautiful morningpic

A beautiful morning

After a night of heavy rain the sun came out this morning. Hovis is heading off along Newgale beach.
annier Oct 07, 2014
My elephant !pic

My elephant !

Hovis loves his Elephant toy that came from Bizarreland - he killed the squeak ages ago but still likes to throw it about - and…
annier Oct 05, 2014
Breaking wavespic

Breaking waves

On the beach yesterday morning  - there is an oyster catcher flying above the waves too which I didn't see when I was taking photo…
annier Oct 03, 2014
A beach canterpic

A beach canter

Two riders enjoying the late summer sunshine on Newgale beach .
annier Oct 01, 2014
Two kittenspic

Two kittens

I could feel them watching me when I was hanging Hovis's bedding out to dry  - two little siblings from one of the late litters…
annier Sep 29, 2014
Following the ploughpic

Following the plough

Two Shire Horses at the All Wales Ploughing Match yesterday . There were hundreds of tractors competing but also a few horse teams.
annier Sep 28, 2014
Ski's eyepic

Ski's eye

I took this after riding Ski the other morning, as I was leading her back to her stable. I think she has such lovely kind…
annier Sep 26, 2014
7am sunrisepic

7am sunrise

Walking up our lane with Hovis the other morning about 7am - the sky was beautiful just before sunrise.
annier Sep 25, 2014
Hello big boy!pic

Hello big boy!

Hovis made a new friend on the beach this morning. He is an English Setter x Foxhound - I forgot to ask his owners what…
annier Sep 22, 2014
Quiz has new boots !pic

Quiz has new boots !

My friend's ancient Shetland pony Quiz has had sore front feet so she has got him these smart leather boots and he is now happily…
annier Sep 21, 2014
Blackberry sponge puddingpic

Blackberry sponge pudding

I made some of these individual blackberry jam sponge puddings yesterday - for the freezer . But I had to eat one just to test…
annier Sep 19, 2014
Hovis enjoying the autumn sunshinepic

Hovis enjoying the autumn sunshine

Up on Plumstone moor - it looks and smells wonderful there now with all the gorse and heather in bloom and there are still lots…
annier Sep 18, 2014
Out for a ridepic

Out for a ride

Sarah and I had a lovely ride the other day. She is riding Floss and I am on Ski. The weather continues to be wonderful…
annier Sep 16, 2014
It's a hard life !pic

It's a hard life !

Hovis fast asleep on my sofa - he likes to be under a blanket and rearranges the chair covers to suit him !
annier Sep 15, 2014
Geese overheadpic

Geese overhead

I was walking on the cliffs on Saturday morning and there were lots of Canada geese flying overhead - they are so noisy!
annier Sep 14, 2014


We have had clear skies and good views of the big beautiful moon these last few nights!
annier Sep 10, 2014
Late kittenpic

Late kitten

We have had a couple of late litters of farmcat kittens this summer - this little one appeared a few days ago and I think…
annier Sep 09, 2014
Eight legs !pic

Eight legs !

If the back pony had just lifted his head a bit behind the front one ,then it would have looked like one 8 legged pony …
annier Sep 08, 2014
Jam !pic

Jam !

I have been picking wild blackberries and making jam yesterday and today   -  I just had some on hot buttered granary toast - yum!
annier Sep 07, 2014
Late tortoiseshellpic

Late tortoiseshell

We have had an explosion of Tortoiseshell butterflies this week - last week it was Peacocks !  The weather has been lovely and they are…
annier Sep 04, 2014

Pembrokeshire County Show 2014

The 3 day County show was held at Haverfordwest recently and I was there everyday !  Over 90,000 people attended over the 3 days. The first…
annier Sep 01, 2014


I picked the first blackberries in our lane the other day and made a couple of blackberry crumbles. I froze one and ate the other…
annier Aug 28, 2014
Hello little frogpic

Hello little frog

We came across this little frog on the cliff path this morning
annier Aug 26, 2014


This enormous bird was part of a falconry and hawk display team at the County Show . He was a the biggest bird they had…
annier Aug 22, 2014


Watching a show jumping class today , Its been another lovely sunny exhausting day walking  round the County Show  but lots of fun, Tomorrow I'm…
annier Aug 20, 2014
Riding draft horsepic

Riding draft horse

Its the Pembrokeshire 3 day County show this week  and I will be there every day. Its one of the biggest shows in Wales and…
annier Aug 19, 2014
Look - I won!pic

Look - I won!

This little girl had just won her class leading her pony in hand - the pony is wearing her red rosette for first place and…
annier Aug 18, 2014
Village showpic

Village show

It was our local village horse and dog show yesterday - and these two were entries in the side saddle class . It looks so…
annier Aug 17, 2014
Bug on corn daisypic

Bug on corn daisy

A bee fly I think - JJ will know !
annier Aug 15, 2014
Who has Canela seen ?pic

Who has Canela seen ?

My friend Pat's horse Canela has seen something interesting outside her stable.
annier Aug 13, 2014
Common Bluepic

Common Blue

These beautiful little butterflies are called Common Blues - but these are the first ones I have seen this year so they're not very common!…
annier Aug 11, 2014
Little kitten likes chicken !pic

Little kitten likes chicken !

I always throw a chicken carcass out for the farm cats when I have finished with it and its a bit of a free for…
annier Aug 10, 2014
Flying ponypic

Flying pony

I caught this pony with all 4 hooves off the ground as he cantered across the moor this afternoon.    
annier Aug 07, 2014

Filming Under Milkwood

Recently a flm crew have been in the Pembrokeshire village of Solva, filming a new version of Dylan Thomas's Under Milkwood.  I spent a day…
annier Aug 06, 2014
Old Fordson Tractorspic

Old Fordson Tractors

The farmer where I live collects and restores vintage tractors  - he has a huge shed full and we get visitors coming from all over…
annier Aug 05, 2014
Hovis found a dragon !pic

Hovis found a dragon !

On newgale beach early this morning. I think it was made yesterday but as its above the high waterline it was still more or less intact.
annier Aug 04, 2014


Very obliging dragonfly posed for lots of photos yesterday evening! Please view full size!
annier Aug 03, 2014
A field full of daisiespic

A field full of daisies

Walking in the fields near home this morning and they were all blowing in the breeze .
annier Jul 30, 2014
Poor Hovispic

Poor Hovis

It was so hot a couple of days ago I decided to give Hovis a bath to freshen him up - he is NOT keen…
annier Jul 29, 2014
Tortoiseshell on bramble blossompic

Tortoiseshell on bramble blossom

At last there are lots of butterflies about - and I can't resist photographing them - so here is yet another butterfly shot!
annier Jul 27, 2014
A cooling paddlepic

A cooling paddle

This girl was enjoying a paddle in the sea at Newgale about 9am this morning . The sea is a lovely temperature now - not…
annier Jul 24, 2014
Butterfly on daisypic

Butterfly on daisy

This Green Veined White butterfly was having a happy time on a large patch of daisies and didn't mind me taking close up photos!
annier Jul 21, 2014
First Peacock butterflypic

First Peacock butterfly

I was beginning to think I wasn't going to get any Peacock Butterflies on my Buddleia bush this year - but one appeared this afternoon…
annier Jul 20, 2014
Hovering beepic

Hovering bee

I was trying to take a picture of this bee on the thistle flower but it flew off just as I pressed the button! I'm…
annier Jul 17, 2014
Bug porn!pic

Bug porn!

Last week when I posted 2 butterflies mating someone said it was butterfly porn - so today i am posting bug porn! Not sure what…
annier Jul 16, 2014
Help - the sea is coming to get me!pic

Help - the sea is coming to get me!

The tide was coming in fast the other day when we were on the beach - Hovis got caught out !
annier Jul 15, 2014
Pony road blockpic

Pony road block

Through my car windscreen. I had to get out and shoo them off the road up to Plumstone rock. I don't know why they do…
annier Jul 13, 2014
Tortoiseshell close uppic

Tortoiseshell close up

I managed several shots of this lovely tortoiseshell butterfly yesterday evening about 8.30 . I find that's the best time to catch them staying still…
annier Jul 10, 2014
Last night's moonpic

Last night's moon

Taken about 10.30 pm just as it was getting dark
annier Jul 09, 2014
Jumping clearpic

Jumping clear

We went to a little local horse and dog show on Sunday afternoon and had a nice few hours wandering round watching all the different…
annier Jul 08, 2014


My friend Sue throwing frisbee and ball for her lovely greyhounds Elgar and Hebe , on Newgale beach this morning.
annier Jul 07, 2014

Sunny May morning walk

Hovis and I had a lovely long walk on the cliffs this morning and I took a lot of photos so thought a a blog…
annier May 16, 2014

A sunny weekend

We have had a few sunny days- Friday Saturday and Sunday - unfortunately today its back to wind and rain again ! If the sun is…
annier Mar 24, 2014

Spring has sprung!

The last couple of days have been beautiful ! After a very wet and windy January and February things are finally improving and everywhere there…
annier Mar 11, 2014

Please Buzznet sort out the problems!

Well I haven't been able to post photos AGAIN since Friday - either as a single photo or in a blog - this  keeps happening…
annier Jan 13, 2014

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !

I am fed up with Buzznet not working for me most of the time ! Again today I cannot post a photo and I can't …
annier Jan 07, 2014

Christmas and New Year

As I have so many problems posting  single photos on Buzznet recently, I thought I would try a blog and use some of the many…
annier Jan 02, 2014

I've been missing for a few days ........

Sorry I have not been commenting for a few days - got rushed into hospital on Saturday night as an emergency  - I was in…
annier Dec 31, 2013
The Pembrokeshire Mud Run!vid

The Pembrokeshire Mud Run!

Last weekend in the wind and rain a whole bunch of mad people including my daughter Ali took part in the Mud Run ! You can…
annier Dec 18, 2013

Fun on the beach

I have been unable to post single photos for the last 2 days  so thought I would try a blog instead. I went to town to…
annier Dec 10, 2013
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